March 2023 Devotional


Do you remember when you noticed someone studying you?  It might have been a parent or a sweetheart, etc., but they were watching you closely for a variety of reasons.  Maybe to see what might make you happy, listening closely to you talking, or just being attentive as a friend.  

God does the same for us.  He loved his children enough, that he sent his one and only son Jesus to come to earth and live among people.  Those people did not accept him well, and he was crucified for being honest and caring.  Caring is sometimes in the form of telling the truth even when it is hard.

Think about this:  God is still studying us, because we are the people he loves. 

“The Lord is in his holy temple.  The Lord is on his throne in heaven.  He watches everyone on earth.  His eyes study them.” Psalm 11:4 (NlrV)

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