September 2021 Devotional


Are you like me and mull over your troubles and problems and try to figure out how to make things better? Guess what, there is a much better way that the Bible speaks of.

“Turn all your worries over to him. He cares about you.”
I Peter 5:7 (NIrV)

I believe the Bible suggests that we cannot worry a problem or a difficulty into a solution. Worry never makes our troubles better. Actually, it makes them seem bigger than they are. I like to admit that I am powerless to fix some things that have gone wrong in my life, and I give those worries over to the Lord. Is it easy to hand those worries over to God? No, but it is relief when I can say, “God it is up to you to get me through this or find me a solution, because I cannot do this without your help.” Peace comes many times when I give up control. Sometimes God and I can figure out a solution together, but many times I have to give it over completely. That is tough for a person who likes to be in control as many of us want to do, but are we really in control? Think about that!

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